200 Series Kwik Frame®

216 Double Couple - (H-rail) Ideal for eliminating gap between two door panels

216 Double Couple

(H-rail) Ideal for eliminating gap between two door panels

Seal out weather conditions with the Kwik Frame System's 216 Double Couple, as you eliminate the gap that naturally forms at the connection point of two door panel edges.

Product Features

  • Double Couple design aligns both sliding door panels together when the door is closed, preventing wind and rain intrusion.
  • The H-rail functionality actually wraps the edge of the joining door panel, offering a stronger connection while it increases unit durability and sliding door system longevity.
  • A built-in J-channel offers easy installation of the door panel skin.
  • Designed for buildings with roll-formed siding, Kwik Frame Systems remove the guesswork and labor associated with field-fabricated doors.
  • The basic design, standardized components and lack of specialized labor offer cost effective alternatives to costly overhead door systems - and the benefits grow as the opening size increases.
  • The versatile Kwik Frame System design allows for adaption into a wide assortment of special applications including bypass, split-slider and multi-panel doors.
  • All components of the Kwik Frame System come with a powder coat finish (color matching available) for a durable, quality appearance that will outlast paint under all weather conditions.
  • Most standardized Kwik Frame components and options are quick ship items - providing needed parts in days (not weeks) and lowering overall inventory levels.
  • Ideal for smaller size doors (under 144 square feet), Kwik Frame System components come together with fewer pieces in standardized assemblies for easy installation.